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Why Inver Hills

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  • Degrees, diplomas and certificates offered in Biology, Chemistry, Computers and IT, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Individuals with these skills are highly sought-after
  • Inver Hills instructors know their industries and want students to succeed
  • It’s easy to transfer to a bachelor’s program


Expand your career horizons with a high-demand STEM degree from Inver Hills. If you see challenges as opportunities and enjoy creative problem-solving, this may be the right pathway for you.

At Inver Hills, you can earn an associate's degree in areas including biology, chemistry, information technology, computer science, engineering, or math. And we'll help you lay the groundwork to transfer into your bachelor's program.

Most of your programs in STEM or most of your studies in STEM is usually simulation. You do a lot of labs. There's a lot of problem-solving. There's a lot of critical thinking also. Also, talking about labs, they provide all the equipment for you to carry out your lab.

Our top-notch support services and flexible scheduling make it easier to fit college into life. You are college material. Grab hold of your future, and start your degree at Inver Hills. Apply now.

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