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Why Inver Hills

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Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • Degrees, diplomas and certificates offered in Anthropology, Gender and Women studies, History, Political Science, Psychology, Individualized Studies and Workplace Writing
  • Earn a well-rounded education that will set you up for professional success
  • Inver Hills instructors know their industries and want students to succeed
  • It’s easy to transfer to a bachelor’s program


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Gain critical thinking and communication skills through exploration of a liberal arts and sciences field. From anthropology to English to psychology and more, Inverhills offers a university feel and all the benefits of a community college. With small classes and affordable tuition, Inverhills is a top Twin Cities two-year college. And the faculty at Inverhills are a community of experts here to ensure you're headed in the right direction.

You can tell they love to work here, because they just share it. And the moment you walk in the room, there's no negativity, great atmosphere.

We make it easy to fit college into life, with online, in-class, or hybrid course offerings.

It's very easy to transfer into a bachelor's program. They have an agreement. The advisors here really lay it all out. If you complete what you need to for the liberal arts program, you can transfer with the MCAP. And it's all taken care of for you. You just have to put your time in here. And then the next step is for the transfer.

You are college material. Grab hold of your future and start your degree at Inverhills. Apply now.

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