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Why Inver Hills

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Fine Arts

  • Associate of Fine Arts Degrees offered in Art, Music and Theatre
  • Nurture your artistic side while building the skills you need to succeed
  • Inver Hills instructors know their industries and want students to succeed
  • It’s easy to transfer to a bachelor’s program


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Your next leap should point you in the right direction. Connect with your passion and ignite your artistic side. At Inver Hills, you can earn an associate of fine arts degree in art, music, and theater. And we'll help you lay the groundwork to transfer into your bachelor's program.

It's a very easy, very easy transition to transfer wherever you want to go. They make it super simple.

There are many opportunities to perform, including theater productions and music ensembles.

The directors here, the people here, our faculty and staff is insanely talented. They're nothing but helpful, nothing but fantastic individuals, and great to learn from.

Plus, our top-notch support services and flexible scheduling make it easier to fit college into life. You are college material. Grab hold of your future and start your degree at Inver Hills. Apply now.

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