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Why Inver Hills

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Explore programs, visit with admissions, learn more about paying for college and more!

  • Degrees, diplomas and certificates offered in Accounting, Business, Data Analytics, Marketing, Sales and Human Resources  
  • Students learn core skill sets that includes people, communication and technology skills
  • Inver Hills instructors know their industries and want students to succeed


Did you know our tuition is one-third of a well-known public university, and $15,000 less per year (or more) than many private universities? Compare tuition and fees for all Minnesota colleges from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

Gain the foundations to become a driver in business, marketing, sales, human resources, or accounting. Inver Hills offers the communication, technology, and people skills to prepare you for success in the global market.

I would say, people that take the accounting track that the direction that you could go with that could be multifaceted. You could go into the private industry, or you could go into the public industry. I believe there are a lot of good opportunities in accounting and many different types of jobs within that area. It's not just being a CPA and someone doing taxes. There's a lot more involved in it than that.

A student that is taking the international business track has many opportunities. As our world has become more technological, the world has actually gotten smaller. And there are so many ways that international has now really become more of part of people's everyday lives.

Our top-notch support services and flexible scheduling make it easier to fit college into life. We'll help you lay the groundwork to start your career or transfer into your bachelor's program.

What I love about the instructors is that they are very caring. They care about all their students. And they're here to support you. They're also are always here to help you with anything you need in regard to homework or outside help. And they are here to give you their professional experience.

You are college material. Grab hold of your future and start your degree at Inver Hills. Apply now.

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